Sony's Kaz Hirai talks NGP with Official PlayStation Blog

I was never that impressed by the original PSP, the games on the system weren't that great and the portable device itself was just not as fun as the Nintendo DS to me. When Sony unveiled the NGP last month the new portable looks great and I am excited about it. The unveiling of the NGP early in the year for a launch near the holiday season of 2011 left a lot of us wondering why the console was announced so early.

Sony's Kaz Hirai has sat down for an interview with the Official PlayStation Blog about the NGP to answer a few questions. The reason the console was announced so far ahead of the launch according to Hirai was so that Sony could talk openly about the portable with game developers all around the world. Sony wants a large and robust list of launch titles for the portable and should have it.

We all know that the details would have been leaked in short order as Sony lined up developers so this was a preemptive move it seems. Hirai also noted that having a stable platform that would stay for years to come was important in the developing stage of the new portable. He also said that Sony hopes to match the install base of the PSP and then move beyond that with the NGP. Check out the video to hear what he had to say.