Sony's first bizarre NGP PSP2 trailer revealed [Video]

If you can be sure of anything, it's that Sony will be pushing the NGP with its own particular brand of "wacky" trailers and adverts ahead of the next-generation console's release. The first example has arrived, and the poor NGP itself is little to be found; instead there's plenty of "inspiring" messages like "play life" and the suggestion that NGP gamers will be terribly social.Video after the cut

To be fair, that's a possibility given the NGP's "Near" system; part of the PlayStation Network, it will keep an eye out via WiFi b/g/n for any other NGP consoles in the immediate area, and show you what titles they've been playing and other stats. Whether that's quite the same as having the whole world in your hands remains to be seen.

[via Kotaku]