Sony's Blu-Spec CD is no Blu-Ray

You heard of SHM-CD, HQCD, XRCD and here's another similar technology with new process and material redbook CD on its way. Sony Music Entertainment Inc. has developed a high quality CD format features enhanced audio quality based on its Blu-ray Disc technology. No, it has nothing to do with the Blu-Ray Profile 3.0 (BD-audio), or Blu-ray optical media. But the new Blu-Spec CD utilizes the same high-molecular polycarbonate material and ultra precision Blue Laser Diode cutting process used to manufacture Blu-ray disc; hence the name Blu-Spec.

Unlike the higher bit-rate media SACD or DVD-Audio, the Blu-spec CD conforms to conventional CD standard, thus it's compatible with legacy CD players. In audio world, that would be another enhanced redbook CD with 16bit 44kHz stereo sound that made available mostly in Asian countries.

The company is scheduled to release 60 titles of classical music, jazz and other genres in the new format for 2,500 yen (US$25) a piece in the Christmas eve.