Sony's ballsy S1 and S2 ad gets part two

Remember that ad we showed you from Sony that hit YouTube a while back from Sony for its S1 and S2 Android tablets? The ad with the balls, and trains and stuff that rolled around and activated different actions as the video progressed. I think that was one of the coolest ads that Sony has ever made. At the end of that original ad, Sony noted it was to be continued.

That second part has now turned up on YouTube and it's just as cool as the first ad. I would love to see the how to on these ads to watch how the people that made it actually set the whole thing up. I really like the marbles bouncing off the white square into the bucket at the start. They did almost lose me in the middle when the big blue ball was rolling, for a few seconds I thought nothing was happening.

At the end of the ad, the ping-pong balls fly up the little tracks telling us the ad is to be continued. I wonder when we will see the next part. It's been roughly two weeks since the first part of the ad surfaced so perhaps in a few more weeks we will see the third installment turn up on YouTube. Check out the part one video and the new part two video below. I have a feeling that the commercials might be cooler than the tablets.

Thanks Tom!