Sony’s 360-degree audio tech will arrive for 1,000 songs this fall

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 15, 2019, 6:47pm CDT
Sony’s 360-degree audio tech will arrive for 1,000 songs this fall

Sony’s previously announced 360 Reality Audio will arrive for around 1,000 songs this fall, the company has announced. Sony first detailed this technology during CES 2019, introducing the world to what it described as a new music experience that is more immersive by putting listeners within a 3D sound field. Behind the new capability lies object-based spatial audio technology.

Many people are familiar with what is typically referred to as immersive audio — binaural audio is perhaps the most common example. With that style, two microphones are used to record audio, each placed approximately the same distance apart as human ears. When this audio is listened to with headphones, listeners will hear the audio in a more life-like way with sounds coming from the most appropriate direction.

The rise of 360-degree audio takes things farther by offering sound all around the listener, giving them a fully immersive experience. Sony 360 Reality Audio is just that — spatial audio technology that can naturally place sounds all around the listener.

In January, the company explained that it was working with music distribution services and major music labels to bring this technology to songs. In an update on the matter this week, Sony revealed that approximately 1,000 songs will be available to listen to in 360 Reality Audio starting this fall.

The songs will be accessible on a number of popular platforms, according to the company, including TIDAL, Amazon Music HD,, and Deezer. However, you’ll need a 360-degree speaker system like the Echo Studio to properly enjoy the experience; headphones will work on mobile, as well.

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