Sony Xperia Z Ultra appears in event invite

We saw a couple images surface on June 6 of a device said to be the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a 6.4-inch phablet previously known as the Sony Togari. While both the images certainly look like they could be the handset, neither are official, unlike the one that surfaced today. In a Sony event invitation, the Xperia Z Ultra is shown in profile, revealing a very slim body.

The image above is one that was leaked earlier this month, showing off the phablet's size by placing a kitten on the top, one of the more amusing device leaks we've seen. Below you can see a portion of the Xperia Z Ultra that is the real deal, however, featured from the side in a French Sony Mobile invitation to an event on July 4.

In case you didn't do so well in French class, here's a translation: "Sony Mobile reservers a big surprise for you," with the second sentence reading, "Don't forget to mark your calendars!" Of course, the second sentence is written with a stylus, which is likely a coy way of confirming the rumors that the huge smartphone will have a stylus for drawing and handwriting and such.

The image doesn't show us much of the phablet, but the small amount we can see appears to show a headphone port, followed lower by the power button, then volume, then the dedicated camera button. The very bottom corner of the handset has a small dark hole, which we're guessing is where a lanyard can go, although it's a bit hard to tell from the limited image.

As far as specs go, we don't know anything official yet, but word has it the Xperia Z Ultra will feature a 1080p full HD Triluminos display, and will feature Sony's X-Reality technology, which makes images more crisp by filling in missing pixels. Inside, users will reportedly find a Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 330 graphics, 2GB of RAM, 16 gigs of storage space, and an expansion for boosting that.

Despite its size, the handset is said to weigh only 212 grams, and to measure in at a svelte 6.5mm thick.

SOURCE: Xperia Blog