Sony Wins, LG To Return Seized PS3 Consoles And Pay Fine

The battle between Sony and LG has taken another turn and this time to the relief of PS3 fans. Late last month we reported that LG had seized over 300,000 PS3s entering the Netherlands due to alleged patent infringements and earlier today reports suggested that LG could further seize PS3s already purchased. However, after the court hearing today, it seems Sony has won the initial proceedings and LG has been slapped with a fine.

It seems unlikely now that LG actually won an injunction in the first place when it seized 300,000 PS3s. Customs has the authority to seize goods that are believed to be infringing a patent and hold them for a period of ten days. LG, being the rights holder has to take on the risk that if the goods are proven not to be infringing that they will have to pay for costs and damages resulting from the action.

LG has been ordered to return all seized PS3s and pay a fine of 130,000 euros to Sony. They will also need to ensure that all units are returned to Sony within the next day or face a fine of 200,000 euros per day if delayed. PS3 shipments to Europe are allowed for now until further legal proceedings.

Although Sony has won this initial fight on the PS3s, it is likely that LG may continue to push the patent infringement case and the two rivals are embroiled in several other legal battles.

[via PlayStationLifeStyle]