Sony wants Aaron Sorkin to write Steve Jobs movie

Sony has acquired the movie rights to Walter Isaacson's authorized biography of Steve Jobs and is reportedly pursuing screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to turn the book into a script for the big screen. Sorkin not only has several acclaimed works under his belt but also seems especially fit for the part since he had recently won an Academy Award for his work on the movie about Facebook called The Social Network.

According to the LA Times, Sony is moving forward with the Steve Jobs movie and sees Sorkin as its top choice. Besides writing the adapted screenplay for The Social Network, Sorkin also worked on other films, including Charlie Wilson's War and Moneyball as well as TV shows such as West Wing.

Sorkin also happens to know Jobs personally as he had an opportunity to work with him in the past for a Pixar movie, which Sorkin ultimately turned down. He decided against accepting Jobs' offer as he felt he couldn't "make inanimate objects talk." But surely, taking up the task to pen a biopic of the tech icon himself has got to be a much greater challenge.

[via Cult of Mac]