Sony Walkman X PMP Hands-on video demo

When I was asked late last week if the Sony Walkman X was something SlashGear would be interested in reviewing, it took all of maybe a fraction of a second to yell out YES! So am I impressed with the first ever PMP to sport an Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)? Let me just say that the display is hands-down the most gorgeous I've seen on any single phone or media player. Is that single factor alone enticing enough for me to give up my iPod touch? No, yes, well maybe no. I'll have to spend a few days with the Sony Walkman X or NW-X1050 before I can give a definite yes or no.Jump on over for the walkthrough video and image gallery.

The Walkman X was announced earlier this year at CES and recently hit the market in Japan, so if and when it'll be available in the US is still unknown. To the best of my knowledge, the unit I got only support Japanese, making it rather difficult to review. The walkthrough video below shows what the menu structure looks like, along with other cool features available on the Walkman X.

Being an iPhone 3G / iPod touch owner, I really miss the basic features like auto rotate between landscape and portrait mode. There's no multi-gesture, only single gesture for moving around the menu system. There's an image gallery but zooming in and out isn't very intuitive. Moving between songs is relatively easy (see video / image below). There's a web-browser from Access, and yes there's YouTube.

Loving a gorgeous display and having a great listening experience might not be enough for me, especially when my Nokia N85 also has an OLED display and a decent audio and video player. Make sure to check back in a couple of days for a more in depth review and comparison.

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