Sony VPL-VW90ES & VPL-VWPRO1 3D and 2D Front Projectors Announced

Despite what some statistics may say, Sony's still pushing the 3D revolution for the home. Not only is their home video game console now fully capable of doing it, but their BRAVIA HDTVs are also 3D capable. Today, Sony has announced their brand new 3D front projector, the VPL-VW90ES. Sony's made sure to pull out all the stops with this high-priced projector, and it's even the first one to earn Sony's "Elevated Standard" (ES) tag, which signifies that the projector has passed the bill with outstanding video experience, and an overall high build quality. The VPL-VWPRO1 is the lower-cost sibling, featuring only 2D capabilities.

The VPL-VW90ES features a 240Hz framerate, as well as a 1,000 ANSI lumens brightness, thanks to the Ultra High Performance (UHP) lamp installed therein. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and features Sony's 24p True Cinema experience, which means you'll get the film-like experience right out of the box. The dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1 is made possible thanks to Sony's Advanced Iris 3 technology. You can get your hands on this 3D projector in November, and it will run you about $10,000.

As for the 2D-only VPL-VWPRO1 projector, it's designed to give you the same high-quality experience, just at a cheaper cost. It can't do 3D, obviously, but it does feature the same full-HD 1080p SXRD panels, as well as the Advanced Iris 3 technology to provide a dynamic contrast ratio of 85,000:1. It will be made available in early October, and it will cost you $3,400. Check out the full press release below.

Press Release


Company's First "Elevated Standard" Projector Integrates Seamlessly with Third-party Control Systems

ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2010 (CEDIA Booth #1112) – Sony today brings the big-screen 3D cinematic experience home with the new the VPL-VW90ES – the company's first 3D front projector.

Designed with the custom and specialty consumer electronics market in mind, the VPL-VW90ES is the first projector to be been branded with Sony's "Elevated Standard" (ES) moniker, signifying an emphasis on high build quality and outstanding video experience. It was also engineered to seamlessly integrate third-party control systems.

"Delivering on Sony's promise of innovation, the VW90ES brings the 3D big screen theater home with another stunning full HD, sub-$10,000 home cinema projector," said Brian Siegel, vice president of Sony's home audio and video business. "Sony understands the 3D ecosystem better than any manufacturer so dealers and installers can count on Sony products to deliver the best possible 3D experience."

"The VW90ES also shares the heritage of previously acclaimed Sony SXRD projectors delivering incredible 2D performance that rivals any competition in its class," he added.

The Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD™) full HD (1920 x 1080) projector delivers film-like performance with Sony's 24p True Cinema™. It incorporates frame sequential 3D technology with active-shutter glasses that work together with Sony's proprietary 240Hz high frame rate technology, delivering smooth, full high-definition 3D images.

The new 240Hz high frame rate drive supports to minimize cross talk for minimal image distortion, producing an unrivalled 3D and 2D high definition cinematic experience. Additionally, the projector uses a single Ultra High Performance (UHP) lamp that drives brightness of 1,000 ANSI lumens and delivers a sharp, deep black picture thanks to Sony's Advanced Iris 3™ technology that helps to produce a dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000:1.

Sony's ES audio and video products not only deliver outstanding sound and picture quality, they are built to seamlessly integrate with third-party control systems. Sony has worked closely with major custom home theater control companies ensuring that drivers are available and accurate. The VPL-VW90ES is no different as it joins an elite list of Sony products that integrate easily with leading home automation systems including Control4, Crestron, AMX®, Savant, Ultimate Remote Control, RTI, Vantage, and others. The projector is also Control4 Certified and includes an AMX Device Discovery Beacon.

The projector does not require a special screen so it can be easily placed in existing home theaters with minimal revision to the set up making it ideal for retrofit projects. It includes two pairs of Sony active shutter 3D glasses that are also compatible with Sony's 3D capable BRAVIA HDTVs.

The VPL-VW90ES SXRD 3D front projector will be available in November for about $10,000 through Sony authorized installers and specialty dealers around the country. It will come equipped with two pairs of Sony active shutter 3D glasses and a built-in 3D transmitter.

VPL-VWPRO1 Home Theater Projector

Also announced today, Sony's VPL-VWPRO1 front projector is a high-performance 2D home theater solution designed to deliver a high-quality cinematic experience at a more affordable price.

The new model is equipped with updated full HD 1080p SXRD panels delivering vivid color and film-like image quality with brightness of 1,300 ANSI lumens. Sony's Advanced Iris 3 technology delivers a high dynamic contrast ratio of 85,000:1, optimizing both dark and bright scenes to produce deep black levels with stunning details.

Like the VPL-VW90ES, the VPL-VWPRO1 is Control4 Certified, includes an AMX Device Discovery Beacon, and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the other major control company systems such as Crestron, URC, Savant, Vantage and others.

The VPL-VWPRO1Front Projector, is bundled with an additional lamp, and will be available in Early October for about $3,400 through Sony authorized installers and specialty dealers around the country.