Sony Vaio LT19U – It’s no iMac killer

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 27, 2007

When I think of an all-in-one computer, my mind immediately goes to the iMac. I honestly have never seen another company pull off the all-in-one quite as well as Apple does. If you’re not a big fan of running OSX, you might just want to check out Sony’s new AIO system that might just give the iMac a run for its money.

Sony has just announced their new Vaio LT19U which features a 22-inch widescreen (1680 x 1050) a Core 2 Duo T7500, 2GB of DDR2, a 500GB HDD, an Nvidia GeForce 8400 GT with 256MB of memory and a Blu-ray burner. Not just a player, but a burner.

When you break it down to compare with a 24-inch iMac, you really don’t see a whole lot that you’re going to get with the Vaio. Yes, you get a Blu-ray drive which is cool, but your screen doesn’t even support 1080p. You also get an extra slot for adding a second hard drive which is nice, but you can always choose to get the iMac with 1TB of storage. It does have a TV tuner which you won’t find in the iMac, but it’s an external tuner. In terms of raw power, the iMac actually bests it with a faster CPU.

So when it comes down to it, the Vaio LT19U has a few extras that the iMac doesn’t, but what’s the price for these extra features? The LT19U is set to sell for $2,899, while you can pick up a 24-inch iMac for $2,299. While Sony’s new AIO might be tempting for PC lovers, you won’t see anyone switching back from a Mac for these specs.

Sony’s new Vaio LT19U: some all-in-one firsts [via crave]

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