Sony unveils new home theater surround sound speaker bars

Sony has announced a pair of new home theater virtual surround sound systems, including the HT-CT60 and HT-CT260. Both the systems are sound bars that have external subwoofers. Both devices support virtual surround sound and promise audio quality of the sort that lets you feel and hear explosions in movies. The CT60 is an entry-level device with the CT260 offering improved sound with S-Force Pro Front Surround technology.

The CT260 is designed to create virtual surround sound with 3-D audio effects. The CT60 has dual front speakers with 60W of power each while the CT260 has 300W of total speaker power. The CT260 also has a wireless rear subwoofer so you don't have to worry about running wires across your room.

Another nice feature of the CT260 is integrated Bluetooth allowing you to stream music from a tablet or smartphone straight to the Sony speaker system. Connectivity options for the CT60 include a single coaxial audio input and a single optical audio input. It supports Dolby Digital and has integrated bass and treble controls as well as a night mode. The main speaker measures 940 x 83 x 70 mm while the subwoofer measures 170 x 245 x 300 mm.

The features of the CT260 include an amplifier with integrated A/V sync. Connectivity options include a coaxial audio input and an optical audio input. Audio formats supported include Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby ProLogic II, Dolby Dual Mono, and LPCM two channel. The main speaker measures 940 x 102 x 89 mm with the stand, and the subwoofer measures 271 x 390 x 271 mm. Pricing and availability information is unknown.