Sony unveils 84" 4K Bravia 84X900 TV at IFA

Sony's busy rolling out new products as fast as they can talk this afternoon here at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and they've just detailed a massively beautiful new 84" TV for all you HD fanatics. This stunning new 84" 4K Bravia TV sure looked amazing on stage, and we have a few details after the break.

This is Sony's first 4K TV — and it's that big! This TV doesn't just have 4K capabilities but it offers full 4K upscaling from simply any source. This will bring anything you watch to life in the living room thanks to the Sony 84" TV. Sadly this TV was just announced by the folks at Sony so we are still rather light on the details as things develop. However, we do have a video below for everyone.

This massive new TV you'll surely be drooling about all week comes with a mind boggling 3,840 x 2,160 resolution, passive 3D, and what Sony called a "10 unit live speaker system." Obviously we don't have any details or pricing yet at this time, but will update as soon as we hear the large price point this beauty can be yours for.

According to the video above this new and impressive 84" 4K TV will be available in select Sony stores starting September 6th. Who's buying?