Sony UMDs No Longer Sold at Target

Benjamin Nied - Jul 13, 2006

Poor Sony. Their track record with proprietary media formats is pretty poor; they lost out to VHS with Betamax, their Memory Stick memory cards are not nearly as popular as SD and MMC, and now their Universal Disc Format video discs are on the verge of extinction for anything other than games.

The new discs, which Sony had hoped would ride on the coattails on the PlayStation Portable’s success, have been dropped from Target’s retail stores, which was one of the last places that you could find that elusive copy of Resident Evil: Apocolypse on UMD. So, history doesn’t favor Blu-ray being all-that successful, given Sony’s track record. As for UMDs, it was a noble attempt Sony; next time try making more than one device that actually supports the damn things.

[via Kotaku]

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