Sony Two will tablet tease part four brings more Rube Goldberg machine love

The coolest thing so far about the Sony S1 and S2 tablets is the video teasers that Sony had been putting on YouTube. I really like the Rube Goldberg-style machines that are very complex looking and use all sorts of interesting methods from balls to bearings to activate the next stage in the machine while showing off some features of the tablets.

So far, there have been three parts of the S1 and S2 tablet teasers. The first video surfaced back in mid-June. The new installation sees the same sort of mechanization of the machine with the plastic people figurines moving around and all sorts of stuff going on around the figures. I like the bouncing ball bearings that fly over and activate things.

I always wonder when I see these videos how long it takes to set the shoot up. I bet there are ball bearings flying everywhere as the machine is tweaked. Check out the fourth video in the series below. Sony also notes that the fifth installation will be coming "soon" and will show the whole story.

[via Android Community]