Sony to Show Off 27 PS3 Games at TGS

Benjamin Nied - Aug 24, 2006

In an effort to show that the upcoming PlayStation 3 won’t be an unmitigated disaster, Sony has announced that they plan to have 27 upcoming PS3 titles on-hand at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Keep in mind that this isn’t an indicator of what you’ll see at launch time; Sony is simply showing you what you can expect to see on their new baby eventually. That having been said, at least this showing will be more impressive that this year’s E3, where only 13 playable PS3 demos were on-hand to show the public what a $500 console feels like.

Many of the TGS titles will be repeats from E3, like Incognito’s Warhawk. However, Devil May Cry 4 from Capcom and the latest entry in Namco’s Ridge Racer series are among the new demos that Sony will have available. Sony’s own lineup includes Gran Turismo 5, MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man, and others. So if you’re not completely sold on the PlayStation 3’s viability (like me), this showing at TGS ’06 might just convince you otherwise; this is Sony’s last chance to make a huge impression on gamers before the console launches in November.

[via GameDaily BIZ]

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