Sony To Offer PSP Bundle With Madden NFL 12 And Need For Speed Shift

Sony's PlayStation Portable will soon be available in a special bundle called the PSP Entertainment Pack. So, if you've been wanting to get a portable gaming console and you're not patient enough for the next-gen PS Vita, then at least wait until August 30, when this PSP deal hits store shelves. The bundle will include the PSP itself plus two games and a 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for a total of $159.99.

The two games included are EA's much anticipated football game, Madden NFL 12, and the older racing title, Need for Speed: Shift. Madden NFL 12 is a cross platform game that's set to also launch on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS2 come August 30. It let's you select from 32 teams and stadiums along with your favorite players all delivered in a slick live broadcast format. Need for Speed: Shift, on the other hand, is almost two years old, but still a decent racing game nonetheless.

Although the future game titles for the PSP look bleak with the PS Vita being the imminent successor, this package could still be good if you want to play Madden NFL 12 on the go right away. The PS Vita, which had been rumored for months under the codename NGP, was officially unveiled during E3 2011 and is set to arrive sometime in 2012. But no exact dates have been given yet, which means it could be too many months to wait for some of you to be without a portable gaming console.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]