Sony To Launch Dual USB Flash Drive For Android Devices Jan. 2014

Sony today announced a new flash drive with connectors for both micro USB and full-size USB ports. The storage unit is geared towards tablets and smartphones running Android. It is designed to make file transfer between these and other mobile devices and a PC simple and fast without the need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

On one end of the device is the micro USB connector, while on the other end the full-size USB connector is there for transferring data to desktops. Transfers can go both ways. It works with Windows and Mac operating systems for the desktop.

The drive can be complemented with the free "File Manager" app, which will be available in the Google Play store. The app syncs with the USB drive and lets you easily search it for media and other files. Once installed, the app automatically starts up. You can unmount the device within the app itself, rather than having to resort to your phone or tablet's settings menu.

The Sony dual USB flash drive will be available starting in January. It will come in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage sizes, which will run $19.99, $29.99 and $62.99, respectively. For more features, check out Sony's product page.

Incidentally, the Sony device somewhat reminds us of a mini microSD reader for Android phones and tablets we saw on Kickstarter. The project shot its funding goal over the moon last May. The external card reader lets you to use an microSD card on certain Android devices.