Sony To Invest $200 Million In OLED Flatpanel

If you are disappointing with the current development of OLED display, full of promises but pricey and not big enough to fill your wall, Sony just shells out additional 22 billion yen ($203 million) pledges to expend its OLED line of display with medium to large sizes.

The Soiny 11-inch XEL-1 OLED display is the only commercial line of OLED display available on the market at $2,500. Right, that's very expensive for a mini-display. But it's all you can get for now. Sony's 200 million dollars venture is not likely to produce a favorable price range compare to current line of plasma or LCD flat-panel but someone got to do it, keep pushing and manufacturing the organic technology into a much cheaper and better product like plasmas have grown in the past.

[via impress]