Sony to introduce in-game ads to PS3 titles

When you turn on your TV, you are generally greeted with a slew of commercials and product placement within your favorite shows. Walk outside and you see billboards, buses and building sides plastered with advertisements. At least most of the time when you pop in your favorite games you are immersed in a new world which has yet to discover marketing. Unfortunately, Sony sees this as an untapped resource.

Until now the PS3 has been untainted by in-game advertisements, but thanks to a recently inked deal with IGA Worldwide, those days are at an end. Sony promises that they will have "ads that are organic to the environment", but no matter how organic they are, gamers aren't going to like them.

My question is exactly what benefit gamers get from these ads. Do we get lower prices, or better games, or do we just get that warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that Sony is lining their pockets?

[via Game|Life]