Sony tees off first mobile game in Japan

Console makers can no longer turn a blind eye to the growing market of mobile games. While these games do not really make a profit per unit sold, they make up for it in numbers. The slow-moving Nintendo has throw mobile gamers a bone or two and now Sony is doing likewise. As promised last year, the Japanese consumer electronics giant has started to roll out mobile games, but it is starting it with a friendly, or competitive, game of golf.

Sony seems to be taking a page from Nintendo's book by not putting out a heavy hitter, no pun intended, as its first mobile game. Miitomo was Nintendo's first stab at mobile and Everybody's Golf isn't really a game that screams "Sony!", despite the franchise being two decades old already. Sony is practically playing it safe, with a gentle and family-friendly debut before it brings out the big guns.

And big guns, and big swords, will indeed be coming. The full list of promised mobile titles include Arc the Lad, Wild Arms, Disgaea, and DASH! among other games. But while Everybody's Golf might not be an international hit, it is at least well-known in its hometown, and Nintendo is targeting Japan for a particular reason. Other than being its initial market, of course.

While the PlayStation 4 is earning rave reviews and numbers, depending on who you ask, those are primarily true for Western markets. Back at home, the PS4 sales are less impressive, trumped by the number of mobile users. These smartphone-wielding people (or zombies) are, however, unlikely to immediately dive into more serious games and are more likely to appreciate casual titles.

Everybody's Golf will soon be available for both iOS and Android for free. Sony expects to profit from your typical in-app purchases. International release dates have yet to be announced.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal, Sony