Sony Teases With In-Shirt XMB

I love companies that drop not-so-subtle hints in a humorous fashion. Sony has dropped a hiliarious hint at GDC this week by making t-shirts that simply say "In-Shirt XMB".

If you're not a PS3 owner, then this won't likely mean very much to you. However, PS3 fans know exactly what this means, which is that Sony is getting ready to unveil in-game XMB at the show. That or they're just teasing, which would be horribly cruel.

In-game XMB is arguably the most-requested feature for the PS3, as users are forced to exit a game if they want to check on their friends, read messages or play music. Lets hope that this means Sony will announce a date for the feature this week.

[via PS3 Fanboy]