Sony teases upcoming PS3 video service

Mark Raby - Apr 2, 2012
Sony teases upcoming PS3 video service

Sony has teased that it will launch a new online video service through the PS3, but details very much remain a mystery. There is a lot of speculation, ranging from ideas that it could be a service on par with the Xbox 360’s partnerships with Verizon and Comcast, to the notion that it could simply be another video-on-demand platform like Vudu and the PSN’s proprietary video store that doesn’t necessarily bring a lot of new and exciting content to the platform.

Of course, the Internet is trying to figure out what Sony Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein was talking about when he leaked the detail in the latest episode of Sony’s official PlayStation Blogcast. He said there will be a “cool new video service” for the PS3, but added “I can’t tell you anything more about it right now.” Of course, he then proceeded to tell us more about it, noting, “It’s really cool. We tried it out, and it’s something I think you all will like. Another option for people, coming to PSN for your PS3.”

The way he says it’s just “another option” would lead one to believe that it is an alternative to Vudu or CinemaNow. But of course, there are many other video services that would be much more attractive, like HBO Go, ESPN, or a more functional and optimized YouTube app. “Another option” could also refer to UltraViolate, a Sony-funded venture into letting customers manage digital copies of movies, mostly those purchased in stores that contain both a DVD/Blu-ray and a digital download. Whatever it is, something is on the way. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

[via The Verge]

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