Sony teases 20 new “gaming experiences” at E3

Mark Raby - May 8, 2012
Sony teases 20 new “gaming experiences” at E3

For Nintendo, this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be all about new hardware – the Wii U was introduced last year but no one has really seen what its true potential – what it will actually bring to market on day one – is. So that’s Nintendo; but what about Microsoft and Sony? They have a much bigger challenge if they want to prove their sexiness this year. There won’t be a PS4, so what will Sony show?

That, of course, remains a mystery, but like any good mystery there are always some clues to be found. And on Sony’s official E3 website, which is presented as though it’s designed for show attendees but is clearly trying to attract spectators as well, the company boasts that people who visit Sony’s E3 booth next will be “be one of the first to witness the launch of more than 20 new gaming experiences.” So, “gaming experiences.” Gotta love the art of the cryptic marketing language.

Does that mean Sony will be unveiling 20 brand new games at the show? It would be an almost unheard of number for a first-party game presence at E3. Sony’s primary goal at this year’s show may not actually be to prove the PS3 is still cool and relevant – it could very well use this opportunity to try to show that the PlayStation Vita is actually cool and relevant in the first place. A solid block of games could help do that. Or maybe a brand new kind of gaming “experience” would help too, whatever that means.

[via IGN]

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