Sony Tablet S gets Android update in the US

Late last week Sony announced an update for the Tablet S. The new update brings the operating system to Android 4.0.3. Sony also says that the update adds a number of new features that users will enjoy. The update was tipped last week by a small notification on the device.

The operating system update brings with it a new Guest Mode that allows you to share your tablet with family and friends. The mode can be used to restrict or grant access to specific apps and customized wallpaper or icon layout. The update also adds new media player applications, including Walkman, album, and Movies.

Another interesting new feature is more Small Apps allowing users to overlay a small browser, IR remote control, calculator, or more on top of other app. Widgets can also be registered and used as a small app in the new update. A new macro functionality for the Remote Control App is now available.

Users can add six programmable macro keys allowing them to turn on multiple devices at one time with touch the single button. The update brings a number of other new widgets for the home screen. The Social Feed Reader Cloud has been revamped and branded Socialife. There also number of other smaller feature updates, including new icons and an improved copy and paste functionality.