Sony sued over game Killzone: Shadow Fall's resolution

Sony has been slapped with a lawsuit over the resolution of the game Killzone: Shadow Fall. The reason? It doesn't run at native 1080p in multiplayer mode, something the lawsuit claims Sony misled customers about. The plaintiff is Douglas Ladore of California.

The PlayStation 4 game was hailed as offering 1080p resolution — says the lawsuit, "[Sony said] Killzone was a graphically striking game set in a dystopian future that took full advantage of the PS4's advanced processing power." It could, it was claimed, offer multiplayer graphics in 1080p.

The issue comes into play when taking into account how that resolution is provided — through something called "temporal reprojection", which pulls data from lower-resolution frames and assembles them into a 1080p image. According to the developers, who discussed the matter earlier this year, "If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

That is the reason for the lawsuit, which says that the game uses "just another form of interpolation," and that Sony has failed to disclose this information, instead advertising the game as having "1080p HD Video Output." Sony has not commented on the lawsuit.

SOURCE: Kotaku