Sony stage BRAVIA/PS3 crash test in bizarre promo [Video]

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall at Sony Australia when they came up with this one.  "Guys, it's a worldwide recession, we need a promotion to keep people buying the PS3 and BRAVIA HDTVs.  I know some of you want to run a competition and give the darned things away, but I think we'd be far better off firing one against the other and sticking it up on YouTube."  Hence how we end up with a video of a PS3 being launched at 22 meters per second toward a poor, defenceless flat-panel TV.

As you might expect, the results involve a smashed TV and a bouncing PS3.  According to Sony Australia, the console hits the LCD with 774.4 joules of kinetic energy, translating to 790.2kg of force onto the glass itself.

It's all in aid of publicising a promotion for Australian Sony buyers, who can get a free PS3 if they buy a qualifying HDTV from the company's BRAVIA range.  As for those of us not Down Under, we can just enjoy watching a heavy console fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

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