Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Player streams 3D

Sony has upgraded its Streaming Player set-top box with a next-gen SMP-N200 model that now boasts the ability to stream 3D content. The device provides a variety of connection options, allowing you to turn any TV into a connected Smart TV. It was first unveiled at IFA 2011, where it was named one of the top ten new products at the show.

The Sony SMP-N200 sports a sleek design in the form of a glossy black box that should fit well and discreetly into most decor. Its connection options include composite, component, HDMI, and WiFi, which will allow you to connect to almost any TV to add all the features and content access you can get from the Sony Entertainment Network. These features include live streaming TV shows, movies, music, and photos. There's HD and 3D content, internet radio, and video and music on-demand services as well. However, the 3D streaming will require a 3D TV.

Additionally, the Sony SMP-N200 now supports DLNA, which will allow you to easily connect and control a network of devices, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. A remote control is included, but you can also use your iOS or Android device instead by downloading the free Sony Media Remote app. The device will hit store shelves sometime in October and is priced at $99.99.