Sony shows off Crystal LED Display at CES

Over the last few years, the HDTV and large display market has been moving from the plasma and standard LCD sets that were common in years past to the LED backlit devices that offer more color reproduction and better image quality for viewers. Sony has been working hard to bring out future technology is that it can use to get back some of the market share in the TV realm that it has been losing to other firms.

This week Sony announced that it had axed its OLED TV line. Those sets had nice image quality and were very thin, but the very high cost of OLED screens put the TVs out of the price range for most people. At CES, Sony is showing off what it hopes to be the next big thing in TVs and large displays called Crystal LED Display. Sony is showing off a 55-inch version of the screen. Sony says that the 55-inch full HD display uses LEDs as the light source. The set uses ultrafine LEDs in each of the RGB colors in quantities equivalent to the number of pixels.

That means there are about 6 million LEDs for a full HD set. The huge number of colored LEDs make for "strikingly higher contrast" and a wider color gamut according to Sony. The set is packing 1.4 times the color gamut of the normal LED sets and has a faster image response time as well. The demo TV has a brightness rating to 400cd/m2 and viewing angles of 180-degrees. The contrast in dark environments is more than measurable limit values according to Sony. There is no indication of when the set might come to market or what it might cost.