Sony set to launch micro four thirds camera on May 11

When the micro four thirds cameras first started to hit the market, it was easy to mistake them for more compact DSLR cameras. The big difference between the micro four thirds units and the DSLR is that the former lacks the mirror used by DSLR cameras.Rumors are circulating that Sony is set to get into the micro four thirds camera market with a new alpha offering that will bring some interesting features to the category. One of the most interesting rumors is that the Sony cameras will have some sort of new snap on lens mounting system. Anyone who has changed a lens on an existing camera knows the twisting involved to do so.

Rumors are also claiming that all of the Sony micro four thirds lenses will be made using Chromium. This is supposed to give the lenses excellent image quality and make them cheap as well. I can't see the Sony name being associated with anything cheap personally. So far there lenses have been rumored including a 16mm f/2.8 unit, an 18-55mm F3.5-5.6, and an 18-200mm zoom lens. The launch date for the camera and lenses is pegged as May 11.