Sony SC-1 autonomous shuttle bus wants to transport and entertain

This boxy little vehicle looks like it is right out of a sci-fi movie. It's a new concept from Sony called the SC-1 and the idea behind the vehicle is to keep passengers entertained while it drives them to their destination. It has high-resolution sensors all around that promise to exceed human vision capability.

One odd bit about the SC-1 is that it has no windows. Instead, it uses those sensors to put images of the outside of the vehicle up on big screens inside the vehicle. Apparently, the sensors are sensitive enough that you could drive the buggy at night with no headlights.

The vehicle can operate autonomously or be driven by a human. It has 5G data connectivity, LIDAR, ultrasonic sensors, and all sorts of other tech inside to support autonomous driving. It also sounds (the translated PR about the vehicle is a bit sketchy) as if the external sensors can detect faces and show certain ads to certain people as the SC-1 drives by.

There is mixed reality tech in the vehicle that can overlay CG images on the surrounding environment that can be seen on the monitors. Sony says this is "so that the movement itself can be enjoyed more." We aren't sure what that means exactly.

The SC-1 concept car looks to be something that would be unlikely to roll the streets in public. It has been shown off around the Okinawa Science and Technology Graduate University college since September.

SOURCE: Engadget