Sony SACD player promises best quality yet

Chris Davies - Aug 27, 2008

Sony has announced a new high-end SACD player in Japan, the SCD-XA5400ES, catering to wealthy audiophiles still with a fondness for the technology.  Based on a twin R-core transformer and D/A system – individual components rather than rolled into the general chipset – Sony are calling the parts the best the company has produced to date. 

Outputs include HDMI, digital optical and coax, together with balanced and unbalanced analog options.  The company is promising nigh-on zero distortion, with an SACD frequency range of 2Hz to 100kHz, frequency response of 2Hz to 50kHz(-3dB) and dynamic range of 110dB+.

CD playback, meanwhile, has a 2Hz to 20kHz (± 0.5dB) frequency response and 100dB+ dynamic range.  The SCD-XA5400ES will go on sale in Japan on October 30th, priced at around 176,400 Yen, while it’s also available to preorder in the US for $1,499.

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