Sony S-Series Walkman PMPs at IFA 2008

Sony has announced a new S-series of Walkman PMPs at IFA 2008, initially consisting of the NWZ-S730F and NWZ-S630F.  7mm thick and with 2-inch, QVGA displays capable of playing 30fps video, the PMPs can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.

Up to 40hrs music playback or 10hrs video playback is promised, as is support for a wide range of codecs including non-encrypted iTunes content and WMV-DRM.  Sony's SensMe system, which creates playlists based on mood, is also present.

The S730F-series has a 3-way noise cancelling system that works in conjunction with the supplied 13.5mm EX headphones.  It can also be connected directly to plane AV system, combining in-flight entertainment with noise cancellation.  4GB and 8GB models will apparently be available in September, priced under $180.