Sony reveals Pulse 3D headset in Midnight Black

In June of this year, Sony pulled the wraps off new colors for the DualSense wireless controllers that were galaxy-themed. One of those colors was Midnight Black, and to match that color, Sony has confirmed that the Pulse 3D gaming headset will also be offered in Midnight Black. The new color option matches the DualSense wireless controller revealed in June, featuring subtle shades of black.Sony confirmed the new headset color would roll out starting September 15 and will be available at participating retailers in October. The gaming headset is compatible with the PlayStation 5 and is designed to allow players to experience the 3D Audio available in some PlayStation 5 games. Pulse 3D was designed specifically to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 game consoles Tempest 3D AudioTech.

Sony's headset offers a frequency response that was fine-tuned to ensure the sounds players hear are in the exact location they're supposed to be based on the action on screen. Sound can give players an edge by allowing them to hear enemies before they see them. The headset is also designed to work with the new equalizer control feature for Pulse 3D headsets inside the PlayStation 5 sound settings menu.

Equalizer control landed with the second major update for the PlayStation 5 game system. Headset owners have three presets to choose from, including Standard, Bass Boost, and Shooter. Shooter mode was designed to emphasize the sounds of footsteps and fired shots.

Sony notes that the trio of presets was popular with PlayStation 4 players who took advantage of the headset companion app. Due to that popularity, the presets were tuned to work with the PlayStation 5. Players are also allowed to customize their EQ settings and save up to three custom templates. Adjustments can also be made while playing a game without having to exit using Control Center.