Sony Releases Guide For Upgrading Select PS3 Titles To PS4 Digital Copies

As had been previously revealed, Sony will allow select PlayStation 3 game titles to be upgraded to PlayStation 4 digital versions, allowing gamers to get the game at a reduced cost on the next-generation console. Ahead of the PS4's release on November 15, Sony has released the step-by-step instructions on how gamers can go about doing this.

By releasing the instructions now, Sony says gamers can go through the redemption and payment process, having everything ready so the digital version can be downloaded right away when the PlayStation 4 is released. At the moment, only four game titles are available under the program, but Sony says that more could be added in time.

The games currently being offered with an entitlement for a digital download are Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4. Any of these titles purchased as a disc or digital download will allow the buyer to download a digital copy for the PlayStation 4 at $9.99 USD, rather than paying full price.

For those who buy the disc version of the above games for the PS3, a code will be included in the package for redemption in the PlayStation Store. The disc will then be needed with the PS4 to activate the next-generation's version. The digital versions of the PS3 games, meanwhile, don't require anything special, with the version for the PS4 in the PS Store automatically be priced at the lower rate.

The promotion is available for a limited time, with the entitlement codes and the reduced-priced versions needing to be redeemed and bought by January 31 for Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed, and by March 28 for Battlefield 4 / March 31 for Call of Duty. Those who have the codes can get started using the instructions Sony has posted.

SOURCE: PlayStation