Sony QX1 camera will bring E-Mount lenses to smartphones

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 2, 2014
Sony QX1 camera will bring E-Mount lenses to smartphones

Sony‘s next QX camera for smartphones is about to bring a big change to the product lineup, at least according to a new rumor that surfaced via the folks at Sony Alpha Rumors. The ILCE-QX1 will (reportedly) be announced tomorrow, and with it will come support for Sony’s E-Mount lenses.

Sony’s QX so-called lens cameras attach to the back of a smartphone and allow photographers on the go to merge the best of both worlds. The newest version, rumored to be debuting this week, will work in much the same way, except it will support E-Mount lenses rather than offering a fixed lens.

In addition to support for E-Mount lenses, the newest accessory also has an APS-C sensor, which is suspected to be a 24-megapixel offering, though Sony Alpha Rumors says it doesn’t know for sure at this point.

There’s also said to be an integrated flash. The unit will be sold either body-only for 300 Euro/$394 USD, or with a 16 – 50mm lens for 450 Euro/$590 USD. The rumor is yet unconfirmed, but we’ll know for sure either way tomorrow once it is announced.

SOURCE: Sony Alpha Rumors

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