Sony PulzAR game unveiled

Sony is making good on its promise to make sure those "AR Play" augmented reality cards don't become quickly irrelevant. The company has announced a new game called PulzAR, which will allow players to use their PlayStation Vita camera in conjunction with the special AR cards in a bright and colorful puzzle game. It looks complicated, but hopefully it's one of those titles that seems easier once you actually get your hands on it.

"You see, in PulzAR, the Earth is in grave danger. Somewhere just beyond our planet's outer atmosphere, a series of colossal asteroids are spinning ever closer on a deadly collision course to wipe out humankind. So far, all attempts to divert their trajectory have failed. Now, in mankind's desperate last stand against certain catastrophe, it's up to you to command a network of explosive rockets and try to blast the asteroids into a harmless meteor shower before they reach Earth," described Sony in a PlayStation Blog post.

Augmented reality has become one of those technologies that seems really captivating and fascinating on paper, but in practical execution it ends up seeming clunky. It is a part of both the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita as they try to differentiate themselves from smartphones and tablets, although there are AR applications from Android and the iPhone as well. It just isn't really taking off.

[via PlayStation Blog]