Sony PSP will get better 3rd-party support in 2009

Brenda Barron - Sep 26, 2008
Sony PSP will get better 3rd-party support in 2009

It’s always hard to predict how a product will do. You can do all the market research, pour over the numbers and still end up wrong. And though the PSP hasn’t exactly been the hottest item on the market in recent months, it is expected to do better in the coming year. At least, if were are to believe SCEA Director of Hardware Marketing, John Koller.

The thinking is that the current slow sales of games is due to poor sales of the hardware nearly two years ago. Makes sense, I guess if you think about it. Games aren’t going to sell well if no one has the device on which to play them!

So, the idea is that sales will improve for the PSP and its games next year, because the device will have entered into its “second wind.” That still remains to be seen, but it does sound possible. And Sony is a trusted brand that many developers still want to do business with. Could a renewed in the PSP happen next year?

[via CrunchGear]

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