Sony PSP-4000 coming late 2009, PSP2 after that?

Chris Davies - Dec 16, 2008
Sony PSP-4000 coming late 2009, PSP2 after that?

Sony are already planning the next update of their PSP handheld console, the PSP-4000, for release in late 2009, while game developers are already coding titles in preparation for the device’s replacement, the PSP2.  That’s the word from Eurogamer, who have heard from unspecified publishing sources about the next-gen versions of the current Sony PSP-3000.

Details beyond that tentative late-2009 release for the PSP-4000 and what’s described as a “later” launch of the PSP2 (though that name has not been confired) are scarce.  Sony UK have said they “would not comment on rumour and speculation”.

Sony last updated the PSP back in August, with the arrival of the 3000-series model.  This had minor changes over its predecessor, the most notable of which was an improved LCD display.  A built-in microphone and a new ‘PS’ button were the only other real additions.

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