Sony PSN users can now sign up for identity theft protection offer

Users of the Sony PlayStation Network have had a bad month or so now. First, a hack took the system offline. Later we learned that just about all the data users put into their accounts had been stolen, and then when Sony put up a way for users to change passwords to secure their accounts again the method used was flawed and open to hacks. Sony announced as a way to soothe the angry PSN users that it would be offering free games and free identity protection for users.

Sony has announced that users of the PSN can now take advantage of that free identity theft protection offer, as can Qriocity users. As of yesterday, users of the PSN or Qriocity in the US can register for the theft protection by visiting this link. Sony is also alerting users of the enrollment page via email and says that the email should land in the user's box this week. The identity protection was detailed for US PSN users early this month.

The protection will be offered via Debix and is called AllClear ID Plus. The service will provide the PSN users with identity theft insurance and hands-on help from expert fraud investigators in the event that their personal information is misused. The service will last for 12 months, but the PSN user must enroll. To be eligible the user has to be in the US and have had an account as of April 20, 2011. The enrollment link will generate the activation code needed for the AllClear ID Plus service activation.