Sony PS5 restock happening now, but you have to be quick

The PlayStation 5 has been notoriously hard to track down for its entire existence thus far, and thanks to a global parts shortage, it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. New PS5 stock seems to sell out just as soon as its listed anywhere, making the feat of actually obtaining one of these consoles more a matter of luck and perseverance than anything else. Those still trying for a PS5 have another chance today, as Sony itself has restocked the console.

Sony has just sent the PlayStation Direct page for the PlayStation 5 live, which means that it will soon be opening up the queue. Typically, Sony sends PlayStation Direct live around 15 minutes before it opens the queue, so depending on when you read this, you might still have a few minutes to hop over there before the queue is created.

The queue could be the difference maker for a lot of people. Everyone who is waiting when the queue opens is placed into it at random, and if you manage to make it through the queue while PlayStation 5 consoles are still in stock, you have a very good chance of actually getting a console. While other retailer websites might struggle under the rush of people coming to the site, thereby making the checkout process difficult if not impossible, the PlayStation Direct queue helps ensure that the website doesn't get overloaded.

Obviously, you still need an awful lot of luck to make it through the queue before consoles sell out, but if you do, then you probably don't need to worry about the website crashing before you can complete checkout. With that being said, it's probably still a good idea to get through checkout as quickly as you can in the event that you can actually get a PS5 in your cart.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sony requires you to log into your PSN account before you can purchase a PS5 through PlayStation Direct, so be prepared to do that. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't usually announce these PlayStation Direct restocks ahead of time, so it's hard to know when the next one will be, but we'll let you know when we see the site go live in the future.