Sony PS4 in development since 2010 per resume

Mark Raby - Jul 3, 2012, 10:43pm CDT
Sony PS4 in development since 2010 per resume

It seems like Sony has only been working on the successor to the PS3 for a couple years, as opposed to the traditional console life cycle where hardware makers used to go to the drawing board for the new console right after the current console’s launch. Sony has of course been silent on the topic of the PS4, but it can’t silence its employees from touting their laurels.

Eagle-eyed observers have come across the LinkedIn profile of one Attila Vass, former research and development director for Sony. In Vass’s digital resume, he mentions that he worked on the “Next Generation PlayStation” from 2010 to 2012, including development on graphics and security. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t tell us much about the console.

The only thing we can really glean from this is that the PS4 is not coming to stores any time soon. This is of course uncharted territory for the console gaming market. Never before has a console lived on for more than five years with virtually no one wondering when the next one would come. The Xbox 360 is admittedly starting to show its age and there have been far more many rumors about its successor than there have been for the PS4. Don’t expect a Sony announcement in this realm any time soon.

[via PSX Extreme]

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