Sony PS3 v3.50 Update Available Now, Adds 3D Support for Blu-ray Movies and More

Word had it, late last week, that Sony would be updating their home video game console, the PlayStation 3, to version 3.50 on September 21st, which would bring plenty of good features to the console. And, if you're still upset that you aren't in Japan and can't get your hands on that ceramic white PS3, then maybe getting some 3D support for Blu-ray movies will be enough to tide you over, for now.

The update went live earlier in the day, and should be available for console owners to download now. The v3.50 update brings not only 3D support for Blu-ray movies, but it also gives owners the ability to take advantage of Facebook integration. Video game developers can now incorporate social networking features into their games, giving players one more way to boast about their high scores to their friends. Also included in the update, is a Grief Reporting Function. It allows players to report bad behavior and harassment online, via the XMB.

One obvious rule to the update, though: to take advantage of the 3D-goodness, you'll need a TV that does 3D. You will also need to get your hands on some Active Shutter 3D glasses, as well as an HDMI 4.1 cable. If you've got all of that, then you're good to go, and you can enjoy all the 3D you want.