Sony PS3 Slim Being Sold Early to Those Who Look Hard Enough

So, we'll admit that that title may be a bit misleading. Why? Because it looks like people aren't having to look that hard at all to find a few random (or perhaps not too random) pieces of Sony's new hardware floating around in retail stores. If you'll remember right, Sony said that the Slim wouldn't be sold until September 1st, but it's beginning to look like that release date might not have been as set in stone as originally thought. Well, let's hope that's the case, or there's a lot of stores out there breaking that one cardinal rule.

Street dates are a pretty serious thing when it comes to the electronics world, or the world of technology in its entirety, and while it may not be totally unheard of for companies like Best Buy or Walmart to break street date on a product, it usually revolves around a video game or movie hitting store shelves a day early, or maybe even just a few hours before midnight the day of the official release. This time around though, we've got a full week of separation, and we're not really sure on the reasoning. It could be just as simple as Sony wanted to surprise consumers with a quiet release, but let's face it: that's not Sony's style.

So what do you think? Did Sony sneak a fast one on all of us? Or are some managers getting a little too antsy for their own good? The answer's probably really cut and dry, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. But, the most important question has yet to be asked: did you get one yet? Let us know.

[via IGN]