Sony PRS-T2 eReader spotted at FCC

It's been awhile since Sony released its last eReader, but a new arrival at the FCC may signal the company's return to the family of devices. The PRS-T2 eReader appeared in the FCC database on Sunday night, although there isn't anything terribly exciting to go off from the image as most of the information is restricted until September 29th. The design looks to be similar to the PRS-T1, however, and WiFi b/g/n is onboard.

It looks like it will occupy the same 6-inch form factor, and also has space for a microSD card slot, but WiFi is all the connectivity this eReader will bring. Bluetooth and 3G are both missing, so if you want those you'll have to take a trip to Japan and score a PRS-T1.

The Sony PRS-T1 currently has a 6-inch 800x600 e-ink display, 2GB of storage, microSD, and touchscreen input. Some shortcut buttons can also be found at the bottom of the display. Currently that model goes for around $130, so we image the sequel will cost the same and bring some new features or lower the barrier to entry. We'll keep an eye out in the meantime.

[via The Digital Reader]