Sony promises more PS5 coming through 2020

Things are not starting well for the PlayStation 5 and the superstitious might think of recent events as an omen. From debates around its design to some rather disappointing news about some of its capabilities as well as launch titles, the PS5 seems to already be surrounded by not so positive chatter even before it formally launches. The latest is perhaps the most discouraging, with a pre-order brouhaha that now has Sony apologizing and promising that the year won't end badly for the next-get console.

Sony says the pre-orders could have gone a lot smoother. Others would describe it as an uncoordinated mess. When the company announced the pre-order date for the PlayStation 5, it didn't make extra sure everyone was on the same page.

Whether Walmart was at fault or not, it probably won't say but the early start of the pre-orders just hours after the announcement left majority of PS5 hopefuls unprepared. Then came the ominous email from Amazon warning customers they might not get their hands on their pre-ordered console on launch day. Others had it worse, with some retailers reportedly canceling orders outright.

Sony has not come out to publicly apologize for the whole marketing fiasco but also came with some assurances. First, it will make more units available for pre-order in the coming days. Second, it says that there will be enough units to supply the market through the end of the year.

To some extent, the incident does suggest that there is an extremely high demand for the PS5, an image that could work in Sony's favor. Hopefully, it does have enough supply coming to meet that demand the or the PS5 could go down in history as a train wreck right off the bat.