Sony promises exclusive content and programming for PS4 and PSN

Cory Gunther - Jun 10, 2013, 9:01pm CDT
Sony promises exclusive content and programming for PS4 and PSN

The folks from Sony are up on stage this evening showcasing all sorts of Sony Entertainment products for E3. From the PS VITA, upcoming games for the PS3, and of course the PS4. We just got our first real look at the Playstation 4 hardware, which was something we’ve been waiting for, and now we’re learning they’ll have tons of unique and exclusive content too.

Obviously exclusives for their own platform is something that’s expected, but Sony wants to bring not just games, but TV. Today Sony has confirmed that they’ll have plenty of exclusives across the board, and that includes original TV programming and original series. We want Breaking Bad and Arrested Development please. Or maybe something like Game of Thrones. Oh man!

According to head of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton, they will have all types of good things coming this fall to not only the PS4, but the entire PSN network. Most will be from Sony Studio’s, which was expected, but we’ll probably see some other partnerships on board too.

He talked about Redbox Instant, live on-demand events such and sporting events (which is nothing new) and we’re all just sort of wondering what type of options and pricing they’ll require for their exclusive programs and original content. Just like Microsoft Sony wants to rule our living rooms, not just for gaming, and we’ll be sure to report back once we learn more regarding the PS4 and their plans.

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