Sony promises big PSP, mini onslaught for PlayStation Vita

One of the things that die-hard PlayStation fans have been disappointed about when it comes to the PlayStation Vita is the lack of downloadable PSP games that have not been made available for the Vita. One of the selling points of the new system was that people who downloaded PSP games for their previous game platform would be able to re-download them on the Vita.

However, so far, only a small amount of those games have actually been made available. But today, there's good news. "Starting today, you'll have even more reason to never stop playing. We're very excited to announce [more] PSP titles and minis will be available on the PS Vita Store, with many more coming soon," Sony said in a post on the official PlayStation Blog. Among today's new PSP titles are Cho Aniki Zero, Strikers 1945, Valhalla Knights 2, and Tom Clancy's Rainboy Six: Vegas.

The minis are Aero Racer, Age of Zombies, Blast Off, Dynogems, Echoes, and Vempire. That's quite a slate of titles for one day. In addition, Sony promised no fewer than 29 more PSP games will be "coming soon" to the Vita, and nearly 40 other PlayStation mini games were also unveiled. So even though the Vita isn't really a backward compatible system, Sony is showing that it does at least appreciate those who want to play previous-generation titles on it.

[via PlayStation Blog]