Sony PlayStation Vita Pass Through FCC, Ready For Fall Launch

The Sony PlayStation Vita looks ready for its fall debut now that it's passed through the FCC. Today, documents surfaced revealing that the WiFI and Bluetooth capabilities of the handheld have won FCC approval, which is a sure sign that the device is on track for an imminent launch. The latest rumors peg the PS Vita to hit in late October.

The next-gen portable gaming console, initially codenamed the NGP, debuted at E3 2011, where it was revealed to sport a 5-inch OLED touchscreen with another touch panel on the backside. It also boasted both front-facing and rear-facing cameras that could be used for some interesting augmented reality gameplay, along with two analogue sticks and the usual game control buttons.

Additionally, it will introduce two new social gaming features called "Party" and "Near." Party lets you play and chat with other users in the same game room no matter where they are in the world, while Near lets you detect and interact with other users around you.

[via Engadget]