Sony PlayStation Vita Battery Rumored To Last Only 3-5 Hours Per Charge

We have talked the PS Vita to death and we know just about all there is to know about the portable console. The new Sony portable is up for pre-order on GameStop for $249.99 on the WiFi only model and $299.99 for the 3G and WiFi version. One thing we always want to know about on gadgets when it comes time to buy is how long the battery lasts.

The old PSP had a battery life in the real world up to roughly five hours depending on what you used it for. Sony originally said that the PS Vita would have a battery life on par with the original PSP. However, "par" is a word that has a lot of ambiguity to it one man's par is another man's sub-par. Sony has now come back and said that the PS Vita will only last about 3-5 hours on a charge.

In the real world that will likely add up to even less playtime. Why the change in battery life? We don't know, but perhaps Sony wanted to get more realistic in the face of people actually starting to order the PS Vita to head off complaints.

[via Engadget]